I've created a new project - called Home Page Template. The project contains a couple of common controls and refers to Extension Library controls that are often needed when building personal or topic oriented home pages.

For developers the project shows how to use the OneUI theme, outline controls, carousel controls, widgets and charts, how to access JSON data remotely and how to do full text searches. The project also shows how end users can use the CKEditor to write rich text that is then published on the home page.

You can download the release here.

This screenshot shows the home page of this application. This and this page contain additional screenshots.

Here are some highlights. Documents that you want to publish on your home page can be written via CKEditor rather than having to create XPages with Designer:

A picture named M2

Another part shows how to display HTML/rich text in views:

A picture named M3

A carousel component can show multiple images and transition between them (as on OpenNTF home page):

A picture named M4
A chart control can display data from a Domino database graphically:

A picture named M5

The OpenNTF widget control can be embedded to display latest OpenNTF releases:

A picture named M6

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