GooCalSync fills a gap in the market for a tool to Sync Lotus Notes with Google Calendar when your organization has not upgraded to Lotus Domino 8.5 and or rolled out Lotus Traveller.

With over 12,000 downloads so far there is obviously a demand for a sync solution other than Lotus Traveller.

GooCalSync bypasses the need to involve your Lotus Notes Administrator / Developers to assist in setting up a Sync solution, using the Google Gdata libraries the Application syncs over https so there is also no need to open up any firewall ports.

Currently the Application relies on the Java SE installed on the user’s computer and not the JVM that ships with Lotus Notes – so the user has to configure and run a batch file and type in their password every time they want to sync.

The main goal of the project in the short term is to move the Application to a single Lotus Notes database that uses the built in JVM provided by Notes and thus greatly simplify the user experience.

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