One of the most requested features in the IdeaJam was an activeness indicator to differentiate active projects from projects that are not further continued. While it is good to know whether a project is still active, the same indicator can be used to filter projects so that it's often easier to find valuable projects.

We've implemented an algorithm that determines daily whether a project is active or not. A project is active if any of the project leads (owners) has contributed any type of document (e.g. release, screenshots, documentation, etc.) within the last year. We choose this method so that we don't have to rely on manual actions of project leads.

The algorithm reduces the number of active projects to 175 from a total of >400 projects.

You can see now in the project description the status of the projects 'active' or 'not active'.

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On the projects page the name lookup combobox at the top shows only the active projects. Not active projects does not mean that the projects don't provide value. So a similar combobox at the bottom of the page still allows finding not active projects as well as the full text search and all of the views.

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We're working on other extensions in this area to leverage the same activeness indicator in other ways to find projects (e.g. the views).

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