UK Lotus Business Partner Intec Systems Ltd. has recently joined the OpenNTF Alliance and here is what they have to say about OpenNTF:

"Intec is proud to join the OpenNTF Alliance. For development and administration we have utilised the benefits of OpenNTF as a repository for resources such as OpenLog, NotesView2 and more recently the numerous XPages and rich client plugins like the XPages Extension Library and File Navigator. As an IBM Business Partner we encourage our team to contribute back to OpenNTF and our developers are beginning to do so with the Audit Comments Custom Control amongst other projects and code samples. We recognise that projects can be of benefit to developers both as a whole and through granular code samples, thus becoming a training resource. OpenNTF provides open source code which helps enhance developer skills and abilities, providing a higher quality of development and resultant applications. This helps ensure Lotus applications are competitive with other technologies at a lower cost of development, contributing to the future of the Lotus solution base."

Please join me in welcoming Intec as a Member of the OpenNTF Alliance.

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